Piper Seneca II charter flights are limited to piston airplane availability and charter companies servicing cities, such as Calgary, Vancouver, BC or Toronto in Canada.
Piper Seneca II
Take a low cost charter flight option in a twin piston Piper Seneca II from Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto.
Interior View

Piper Seneca II Charter Airplanes

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Cabin Dimensions & Specs

Passenger Capacity: 4-5 weight/size dependent Crew: 1 or 2
Airspeed: 300 km/h Lavatory: none
Cabin Width: - meters Cabin Height: - meters
Cabin Length: - meters Baggage Capacity: light
Max Range: 1580 km Normal Range: 740 km

Charter Plane Summary

The Piper PA-34 Seneca is a twin-engined aircraft produced in the early 1970s. Despite the age of the aircraft model, it remains popular in today's air charter market for low-cost charter flights for customers seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of commercial airlines terminals, while not excessively draining their pocket books.

The Piper Seneca II was an updated version of the earlier Seneca models, offering enhanced handling qualities--a result of larger and better balanced ailerons, as well as technological enhancements to the rudder and stabilator.

Popular for charter flights, particularly for business executives, the Piper Seneca II introduced the option of club seating. This option results in two pairs of seats facing each other, enhancing leg room and offering the option to raise a table into the center of the four passengers. This greatly enhances the ability for business meetings and productive conversations in-flight, including during an in-flight catered meal.

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