Cessna 421 Golden Eagle charter flights are limited to piston aircraft availability and charter companies servicing cities, such as Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto in Canada.
Cessna 421 Golden Eagle
Take an affordable charter flight from Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto. A Cessna 421 Golden Eagle which may also be available for charter service from other small towns, such as Kelowna, BC or Kirland Lake, Ontario.
Interior View

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Charter Airplanes

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Cabin Dimensions & Specs

Passenger Capacity: 5-6 weight/size dependent Crew: 1 or 2
Airspeed: 443 kmh Lavatory: potty seat/curtain
Cabin Width: 1.39 meters Cabin Height: 1.29 meters
Cabin Length: 3.44 meters Baggage Capacity: light to medium
Max Range: 1780 km Normal Range: 1300 km

Charter Plane Summary

The Cessna 421 Golden Eagle can be flown single or dual pilot, although it is most common to only have a single pilot operating the charter airplane. Some consider the Cessna 421 to be a top-of-the-line Cessna piston twin.

Derived from the Cessna 411, the marketing strategy was to develop a medium-sized twin engine aircraft that would compete with the turboprops, but cost less to purchase and operate. Consequently the cost efficiencies of the Cessna 421 are also reflected in the competitive pricing often extended to private charter customers when comparing the Cessna 421 to a turboprop alternative, such as the King Air 90 or Pilatus PC-12.

The interior cabin offers relatively generous and comfortable seating for four to six passengers depending on the desired comfort level and size of the passengers. For example, six passengers may be possible if the aircraft is flown by a single pilot and includes children as part of the passenger manifest.

Four models were designed and built. The list includes the Cessna 421, Cessna 421A, Cessna 421B and Cessna 421C. Cabin pressurization and air conditioning enhance in-flight comfort of passengers.

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