Cessna 414 Chancellor charter flight options may be limited to twin piston plane availability in Calgary, Vancouver, British Columbia or Boundary Bay Airport in Canada.
Cessna 414 Chancellor
Book a private airplane charter flight, such as on a Cessna 414 twin piston plane, for a flight our of Boundary Bay Airport outside of Vancouver, BC in Canada.
Interior View

Cessna 414 Chancellor Charter Airplanes

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Cabin Dimensions & Specs

Passenger Capacity: 4-6 weight/size dependent Crew: 1 or 2
Airspeed: 326 km/h Lavatory: none
Cabin Width: 1.4 meters Cabin Height: 1.3 meters
Cabin Length: 3.45 meters Baggage Capacity: light to medium
Max Range: 2137 km Normal Range: 1163 km

Charter Plane Summary

The Cessna 414 was a pressurized aircraft built in the early 1970s still commonly in use and popular in the passenger and air cargo charter industry. The marketing name of Chancellor was introduced later and may be more commonly associated with the improved variant of the Cessna 414, which was the Cessna 414A Chancellor featuring fuel tank and baggage space enhancements.

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  Private jet charter flights are available from cities throughout Canada on regionally based Cessna 414 charter planes.